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Demian FauntBio
Demian Faunt | Co-Founder Scrate LLC

Demian Faunt has nearly 10 years of editorial experience, six of which has been spent online. He originally started his career working in the publishing field, but in early 2004 took a position as an online editor. It was then he became enamored with all things digital.

As a project manager, Demian is very hands-on regarding resource allocation, requirements gathering, and hitting all project milestones. His unique skillsets allow him to expertly guide projects from inception, to wireframes and designs, to launch. He is a firm believer in soup-to-nuts project management and often serves as a go-between, bridging the gap between print and different technology groups.

As an editor Demian specializes in converting and optimizing offline content so it is “web friendly”. He’s logged many long hours optimizing content for search engines; pouring over site analytics, rendering down volumes of keyword lists, and fine-tuning page metadata.

A self-proclaimed tech geek, Demian isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and loves looking “under the hood” at source code. Additionally, he’s officially obsessed with all things social and has his finger on the pulse of the Web. If there is a startup out there that is doing something new and inventive on the Web, chances are he’s already a member.

Most importantly Demian is an “idea man” that provides unique solutions to custom problems. He brings a 360 degree perspective and superior knowledge base allowing him to give a 360 analysis helping him solve the most challenging of issues.

In June 2007, He and his business partner Chris Oake officially launched Scrate LLC a full-service web production house designed to serve the small-to-medium sized business. With Scrate’s portfolio growing daily, he’s eagerly awaits future challenges that lie in wait.